– Tell me about yourself?!

I live in Rotterdam with my girlfriend. After working in the corporate field, I needed a career change. Currently I am a life coach and was a part time pizza baker. I started Koertino because I missed pizza baking.

– What inspired you to start a pizzeria?

I’ve been wanting to do this for many years. Always on the look out for a place to make pizza. This was an accessible way to start and set up a business. You need a work bench and an oven, right? There’s your pizza.

– Why the name Koertino?

Italian friends and colleagues called me Koertino. It means ‘Koertje’ or ‘little Koert’. It combines something Dutch and Italian. Although it’s my personal name, it doens’t involve much ego. I just wanted to connect my name to the brand and take resposibility for the quality.

– What inspired the menu?

I could never say I make Italian pizza, cause I’m not Italian and I’m not in Italy. But the ingredients I use are mostly Italian ingredients of a high quality from a good supplier. I wanted to start out with the basics. Just a small menu, tasty with some nice drinks. Done.

– What’s your favorite pizza from the menu?

I like a nice Diavola (salame) but the Capricciosa is an all time favourite. The earthiness of the mushrooms, the sweetness of the ham and the special twist of the artichoke.

– What’s your favorite drink from the menu?

I like a simple lager or a nice red wine. But the white wine is actually surprisingly good. It’s organic too!

– Which pizza & drinks combination do you recommend customers?

Keep it simple. There’s nothing wrong with a nice pizza of your choice and a Coca-Cola. Want a bit more depth? Try one of the San Pellegrino lemonades, for example the bitter chinotto.

– Why only pizza’s and not pasta?

Pizza is my thing. Pasta I make at home for myself and my girlfriend.

– Favorite memory that involves pizza?

Eating out with my parents and sister at a young age in a little restaurant in Maastricht. It was cosy and comfortable and the food was great. It was magic to us. Another nice memory is of a nice place I went to near Lecce, Puglia. I saw someone doing what I am actually doing now. Just shutting up and making my pizza. 🤭

– Favorite vacation spot? Why?

Not surpisingly: Italy. I have to visit Jamaica though, my girlfriend is from there. To be honest: any day of feels like haven at the moment 😉.

– What are your plans for the future in regard to Koertino?

Koertino is currently a dark kitchen with a take-away option. You can bring your pizza home, eat it in the car or take it to the nearby @dakparkrotterdam. You can also eat it here at @foodunionnl, inside or outside.